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Randall Regional Waterline
Connecting Neighbors

About The Project

Project Details

The Randall Regional Waterline Project aims to provide clean, reliable drinking water to our current customers and expands service to surrounding communities in south central South Dakota. The project plans to construct a regional high-capacity water transmission line from the Missouri River to southeastern South Dakota. To continually improve existing service and ensure a reliable water supply, the project also includes treatment plant upgrades, associated water storage, pumping, and infrastructure components.

The project begins at the RCWD Platte Treatment Plant near Platte with significant upgrades occurring to our existing water treatment facilities. Then, the project continues with new water pipeline construction from the Platte Tank Farm southwest of Platte and routes east and north to an existing storage site south of Stickney. Lastly, the project continues with new water pipeline construction from the Stickney storage site routing east and north to a service connection site near Mitchell. 

We are in the beginning stages of the project. Surveyors are currently collecting data to better understand the exact location of the waterline. If the project is expected to go through your property, a RCWD representative will contact you. Following the final determination of the route, RCWD will contract with a design-build team to begin the engineering and construction of the project. As the project progresses, we are committed to sharing information.

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Request for Qualifications

Randall Community Water District (RCWD) is soliciting for Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) for Design-Build Services for the complete execution of a regional waterline project. SOQ submittals shall be received no later than 3:00 PM CST on Thursday August 15th, 2024, by RCWD delivered to Randall Community Water District’s Office at 445 E Main St, Lake Andes, SD 57356.

Design-Build Services, “The Project”, consists of Designer of Record design engineering, Construction Administration and Quality Control, and total Construction Execution of all associated components necessary to complete the design and construction of the regional waterline project. The Project originates from RCWD’s Platte Storage Farm south of Platte, SD and routes north and east to an end location on the south side of Mitchell, SD. Anticipated components include approximately 72 miles of HDPE waterline, elevated storage tank(s), ground storage tank(s), pump station(s), metering facility(s), user participant connections, and all other necessary components.

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Request for Qualifications

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